Best Jo Malone Fragrances For Winter

If you are looking for new women’s fragrances to ring in the new year, then consider one of the following to add to your winter party wardrobe.


Blackberry and Bay

Yes, this is strictly speaking an autumnal scent, but it is so popular it can really be used year- round. Its slight spiciness means this should definitely be revisited in the darkest of the winter months to liven up your senses, and freshen up your outlook.

This is a great, grown-up everyday scent and is the perfect pick me up for your first day back at work.


Lime, Basil and Mandarin

This is another grown-up day scent that is both fresh and forward looking, but suitable for the winter months. The lightness of the citrussy scents is well contrasted with the unusual depth of the bay and provides a much more complex nose than you might expect.


Rose and Magnolia

A floral collection may not seem like the obvious choice for the middle of winter, but this new scent launched as part of the Jo Malone Christmas Collection is dark and evocative. Sweet and mysterious enough for a perfect night out.


Pomegranate Noir

Pomegranate Noir has been one of the most popular scents in the Jo Malone collection for a number of years and it is a classic for a reason. It has a deep, complex and sophisticated scent that is attracted to many women.

Our own version, Grenade Noire features pomegranate as an exotic top note with Pink Pepper for a bold twist.